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Partnering advisory

Looking for a partner to open up your horizons? pharmBD is there to support your partnering strategy, from initial and time consuming scouting to alliance management.

Licensing activities


If your business has a product in development and aims to find a suitable partner for co-development or international commercialization, pharmBD can support the deal process while prioritizing the protection of your interests and the financial optimization of your asset with a neutral, objective approach.

PharmBD facilitates the process of out-licensing a company’s asset, technology, or products to an external partner. This involves identifying transaction objectives and geographical scope, potential licensees, negotiating terms, and ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement. PharmBD specializes in crafting out-licensing strategies that maximize the value of the client’s intellectual property and assets internationally. We have advised on out-licensing deals in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Scouting + screening of partner with client objectives
  • Assessment of licensee commercial evaluation
  • Term Sheet negotiations, deal follow-thru
  • Alliance management advisory to ensure partner consistent commitment to the asset.


If you aim to add products to your business portfolio, whether for a specific geography or globally, pharmBD, with its extensive global Business Development network and activities, can help!

  • Scouting + screening of new products aligned with client objectives
  • Product commercial potential evaluation
  • Term Sheet crafting, negotiations, deal follow-thru strategic planning to seamlessly integrate new assets into the client’s existing operations.

Corporate development general advisory

The developmental goals of a company vary based on its maturity and financial capabilities. pharmBD offers comprehensive advisory services to executive teams, guiding them through realistic corporate development strategies that fosterssustainable value.

  • advice on corporate structure,
  • personnel and staffing ramp-up,
  • product development,
  • fundraising,
  • internationalization,
  • governance structures.

In each category, PharmBD’s approach is characterized by a meticulous understanding of the client’s unique needs, market dynamics, and regulatory considerations. Our consultancy strives to deliver tailored strategies and solutions aligned with the client’s long-term business goals, whether it involves licensing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, or optimizing board governance.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Whether you are seeking an exit or looking to make a strategic acquisition, PharmBD can support the research and advise on the best candidate and deal process.

PharmBD provides expertise in managing mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. This encompasses identifying potential acquisition or buyer targets, conducting comprehensive due diligence, negotiating deals, and overseeing the integration process. Our M&A services are designed to create synergies, drive growth, and enhance the overall strategic position of the client in the market.

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